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Design Guide

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Our Design & Admin Guide contains the following:

  • PSD templates for single and multi-channel sites 
  • PSD template for a Lower Third

Our Placements Guide gives a visual overview of the primary placements on Maestro and their specs. 


Here are some quick specs: 

  • Desktop Logo: minimum height 150, max width 700
  • Mobile Logo: min height 120, max width 600
  • Channel Background 
    • SD: 1920x1580
    • HD 4k: 3840x2160
  • Entitlement Gate Background
    • Desktop: 1920x1080
    • Mobile: 1440x1100
  • Card: 600x356
    • Safe Zone: 520x276 (80px buffer)
      Place all text and key design elements within the Safe Zone for the best visual experience.
  • Lower Third Overlay: 1920x360 
    • Note: utilize transparent space to achieve desired placement over the stream.
  • Welcome Image
    • Desktop: 1920x1080
    • Mobile Welcome: 1080x1920
  • Favicon: 16x16
  • Navigation: 100x30
  • Channel Nav: 300x150
  • SEO Image: 900x504
  • Sponsor Logos (Footer): 100x60
  • Footer Link: 100x60
  • "Image Panel" Image: 320x1000 MAX
  • "People Panel" Image: (300x320)
  • Poll Images: 80x50