How To Sponsor a Quest How To Sponsor a Quest

How To Sponsor a Quest

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Quests are a great way to incorporate sponsors in an authentic way.  While there are no official "areas" dedicated for sponsors on Quests, here are a couple ideas to get you started:

1. Sponsored Prize 

  • Sponsored prizes are a great way to add a visual sponsorship component to your quest. 
  • Using the Reward field, add an image of the reward with the brands likeness/logo attached. 
  • The reward can either be from the sponsorship themselves, or a reward you are giving away, sponsored by a brand. 

2. Sponsored Quest of the Week/Month

  • Depending on your streaming cadence, add a sponsored quest each time to add some variety to your quests. 
  • Add the sponsor's name or purpose in the description. For example "This week's quest is brought to you by Coca-Cola". 

3. Sponsored Quest Action 

  • One great way to ensure engagement with your sponsor is through a quest action itself! 
  • For example, the Answer Poll action can be used in two ways:
    • Ask your own question and add some verbiage such as "this questions brought to you by BRAND" 
    • Allow the sponsor to ask their own question and allow them to create their own verbiage

For more information or help with strategy, please reach out to your Account Manager. 

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