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Guide to Analytics

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The trends tab is used to display an overview of the traffic on your hub. If you'd like to see the data for a specific time or event, select the timeframe on the top right. The tab defaults to the last 24 hours and is site wide, however you can set a custom time range and filter by channel as well. 


The events tab is used to create event reports within a specific time period. Simply click, create event, set you date range and generate your report. Within the event report you have the option to export the raw data or share the report via via link with a password. 


The community tab is an aggregate of all users who have logged in. You can create user segments to filter users or click on an individual user to see their sessions and details. You may also export your users via the Export button. 


The engagement tab is used to breakdown user engagement (ex: views, clicks) for panels, overlays, cards and quests. You can also find the information of any live raffle overlay winners in the overlays section. To view the data for a specific amount of time, enter the timeframe on the top left.


The retention dashboard highlights the retention rate between two user segments, based on automated events. This tab is particularly useful for understanding what features and behaviors drive retention so you can focus on those to continue the increase. 


The advertising tab is used to see the user impressions of sidebar and video ads. To select a specific timeframe enter the date range you'd like to see appear in the tab.