Scheduling Pre-Recorded Content Scheduling Pre-Recorded Content

Scheduling Pre-Recorded Content

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Scheduling pre-recorded content is an easy way to play content "as live" without the need for a full live production team. 


Scheduled content will not show player controls (if using an uploaded video*) and will sync the user to where the video is in its cycle, creating the "live" effect. 

First, you must add or upload your video. Once that is complete, follow these steps: 

  • Click Channels and select the edit icon next to the desired channel 
  • Click Schedule Video under Scheduled This Week
  • Select the plus sign next to the live video from your Library, or click Add Video in the top left to create your video
    • Note: If the video you are trying to select has a lock icon, this means it is not done transcoding
  • Set the Start Day/Time
  • Select if you’d like your live video to repeat and how frequently
  • Click Add
  • Click Save and Publish to push changes live

The scheduled video will play at the scheduled time for the duration set on the video (determined by the metadata or length of the file). When the duration is up, the channel will default back to the Offline state.

*Player controls will appear if using a 3rd party video such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.