Adding a Channel Gate Adding a Channel Gate

Adding a Channel Gate

John Doe John Doe

Adding a gate to your channel will require users to complete a specific action before accessing that channel.

  • Click Channels from the admin bar
  • Select the channel you'd like to add the gate to by clicking the edit icon
  • Click Settings next to Content towards the top of the page
  • Scroll down to the Gate section 
  • Toggle the gate on 
  • Click on the Gate options (it will default to Login)
  • Select the Gate type 
    • Login: Users must log in or create an account to access
    • Password: Users require a password to access
    • Entitlement: Users require payment to access
    • Access Code: Users must enter an access code to access 
  • Once the gate is selected, scroll up and hit Save and Publish to push changes live

To turn the gate off, follow the first 4 steps and then toggle the gate OFF, then hit Save and Publish.