Creating a Paywall Gate Creating a Paywall Gate

Creating a Paywall Gate

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Paywalls, also called Entitlement Gates, are created on a channel-specific basis. You can have multiple channels active with different subscriptions associated with each channel. You may also change the subscription on a channel at any given time.

  • Click Channels from the admin bar
  • Select the edit button next to the desired channel from the channels list on the left
  • Click the Settings tab on the channel
  • Scroll down to the gate section and toggle gate ON
  • Select Entitlement from the gate dropdown
  • Fill out the requested fields:
    • Title: Name of the event
    • Subtitle: Description of event
    • Date: Date and time of the event
  • Click Add Entitlement
  • Select desired Entitlement(s) using ‘+’ button
    • You can also create a new entitlement by clicking ‘Add Entitlement’
  • Add gate background image for web and mobile. This is what the user will see when they land on the channel, along with the above fields.
  • Enter code help text. This will be instructions on what action to take if an access code isn’t working
  • Once done, scroll up and hit Save & Publish to activate the gate

The gate will become active once you save and publish. You can remove or change the gate at any time by toggling gate off or selecting a different entitlement.

Note: to customize the Receipt your viewer receives after making a purchase on your Paywall gate, please refer to this article: Customize Your Paywall Receipt.