Adding a Maestro Chat

The Maestro Chat panel is a great way to create an engaged community around your content.

To create and add a Maestro chat panel: 

  • Select Channels, then Click on any available Channel
  • Click Panels from the Admin Navigation Bar
  • Click Add Panels under the Panels sections 

  • Click into the Catalog tab at the top of the sidebar
  • Scroll down to the Chat panel
  • Clicking lets you preview the panel. Click Use image-png-Feb-09-2022-09-17-31-50-PM to select it
  • Select your Preferred Chat settings:
    • System: this is the name that greets users when they arrive to the Chat panel
    • System Image: This will appear next to the ‘Welcome back!’ message
    • Welcome Message: This is the default message that greets users on arrival 
    • Filtered Words: (words replaced with asterisks in the chat) separated by commas
    • Silenced Users: You can also view Silenced Users
    • You can ‘allow links in chat from non-admins’ if you desire.
  • Click "Save to Library". You’ll be taken to your Panel library 
  • Find your new Chat panel in your library and click the button to add it to your sidebar
  • Make sure you see in the top left of your site and your new panel should appear in your sidebar preview
  • Hit Publish to push changes live

Note: The character count for chat is 1236 characters.

For instructions on how to remove a Maestro Chat, click here.