Adding a Twitch Chat

Twitch Chat is both read and write on Maestro, which means the messages sent from Twitch can be seen on Maestro and vice versa. Twitch chat moderation tools also work within the Twitch Chat embed on Maestro. 

To add a Twitch Chat:

  • Click Panels from the admin bar
  • Click Add Panels under the Panels sections (if you don’t see this click BACK in the top right of the sidebar)
  • Click into the Catalog tab at the top of the sidebar
  • Click the Use button next to the Twitch Chat panel option
  • Enter the Name of the chat and select an Icon to appear above the name in the panel
  • Under Channel, type the Twitch channel name you wish to embed 
    • Note: The channel name is just the name (i.e gearsofwar)
  • Toggle ‘Use dark theme’ on to display your chat in dark mode
  • Click Save to Library
  • You’ll be taken to your Panel library, find your new Twitch Chat panel and click the to add it
  • Make sure you see in the top left of your site
  • Hit PUBLISH to push changes live