Adding/Embedding a YouTube Chat

YouTube Chat is not natively supported, however it can be embedded via the Iframe panel in the sidebar. YouTube chat is specific to the YouTube video so each time you have a new video URL for your YouTube live stream you will need to update the chat URL in Panels (follow steps 7-8 below). 

To add/embed a YouTube Chat:

  1. Click Panels from the admin bar
  2. Click Add Panels under the Panels sections (if you don’t see this click BACK in the top right of the sidebar)
  3. Click into the Catalog tab at the top of the sidebar
  4. Scroll down to the Iframe panel option
  5. Clicking lets you preview the panel. Click Use to select it
  6. Select an Icon and enter the Name of the panel (will appear at the top of the chat)
  7. Under the URL, Copy and paste the following URL to match formatting:
  8. Replace the bolded selection of the URL (the video ID) with your YouTube live stream video ID
      • This can be found in the URL bar of your YouTube live stream page 
  9. Replace the underlined selection ( of the URL with your custom maestro live url. This is your domain (i.e.
  10. Click Save to Library. You’ll be taken to your Panel library
  11. Find your new Iframe panel and click the to add it
  12. Make sure you see in the top left of your site
  13. Hit PUBLISH to push changes live