Adding an Access Code Gate

The Access Code gate requires a unique code to view your site/live stream.  This is a great option for VIP tickets or if you are doing ticketing off-site.  Note that Access Code is a premium feature, please fill out this form if you'd like to enable this feature on your site. 

To enable the Access Code gate, you must first create a subscription:

  • Click Tickets & Subs from the admin tab 
  • Create a new ticket or subscription (if desired, the price can be left blank or 0)
  • Click the Key icon next to the ticket or subscription
  • Enter the amount of access codes
  • Click Download (that will download into a CSV file)

To enable the Access Codes gate itself: 

  • Click "Channels" in the admin bar
  • Select the channel that you'd like to add the gate 
  • While on the selected channel, click "Access" under the channel settings
  • The site will switch to a preview of the gate
  • To add an Access Code: click on Ticket or Subscription > "Show Advanced Options" > "Access Codes Only (Advanced)" and toggle the option "on"

  • Click Add Ticket or Subscription, then image-png-Apr-25-2022-09-29-17-14-PM. Toggle visibility on and press Done.

Example of what the Access Codeimage-png-May-06-2022-10-09-27-69-PM gate looks like in Preview Mode when set up correctly.




  • Click the yellow "Publish" button at the top right corner of your site to push the changes live. The button changes to green once the changes have been "Published".

  • Then select Exit Editor