Adding an Access Code Gate

The Access Code gate requires a unique code to view your site/live stream.  This is a great option for VIP tickets or if you are doing ticketing off-site.  Note that Access Code is a premium feature, please reach out to your Account Manager for details. 

To enable the Access Code gate, you must first create a subscription:

  • Click Entitlements from the admin tab 
  • Create a new entitlement (if desired, the amount can be left blank or 0)
  • Click the Key icon next to the subscription
  • Enter the amount of access codes
  • Click Download (that will download into a CSV file)

To enable the gate itself: 

  • Click Channels
  • Select that channel you'd like to add the gate to
  • Click Settings on the channel
  • Scroll down to Gate, toggle that on
  • Select Access Code
  • Fill out the fields and select the subscription you created
    • Title = Name of Event 
    • Subtitle = More information about the event 
    • Date/Time = date and time of the event 
    • Web & Mobile Image: Background image user will land on with access code details 
    • I Can't Find My Code = Text to display if a user cannot find their code. 
  • Hit Save and Publish