How to Add or Change Your Logo

Learn how to add or change your logo on Maestro.

You can add a site-wide logo or channel-specific logo on Maestro. If you have a site-wide logo set, that logo will appear on all channels. If you'd like to have a channel-specific logo, that logo will take precedence over the site-wide logo only on that channel

With that said, let's review how you can add a logo to your Maestro site.

How to Add a Logo Site-Wide

  1. Click "Channels" from the Admin Navigation Bar
  2. Select "Design"
  3. Set the Desktop and Mobile header logo
  4. Hit "Done"

How to Add a Channel-Specific Logo

  1. Click "Channels" from the Admin Navigation Bar and select the Channel you'd like to add the logo 
  2. Select "Editor," then click on "Logo" in the top left corner
  3. Upload an image or select one from the Library (Logo size requirements: 500x150 or 250x75)
  4. Hit "Save"