Admin Tab Overview

A brief overview on each admin tab and what it does

Customize & Control


  • Edit channel specific logo
  • Edit navigation, countdown, video, channel select, socials, footer sponsors and footer text
  • Edit sidebar panels


  • Create channels & landing pages
  • Edit channel content (offline videos, scheduled videos, Twitch Live Streams)
  • Edit channel settings (slug, channel select image, channel SEO, channel language, delete channel)
  • Also in channel settings, add a channel gate


  • Preview a stream - Stream directly to Maestro via an RTMP ingest URL and Stream Key


  • Add site-wide logo on desktop and mobile systems
  • Add site-wide (Global Settings) colors
  • Add site-wide (Global Settings) fonts
  • Add channel specific (Current Channel Settings) background image/color


  • Create and view all items (videos, playlists, quests, multiple choice, people, teams, cards, overlays, panels)
  • Edit or delete all saved items
  • View archived items


Engage & Monetize


  • Preview, add, and edit sidebar Cards
  • Preview, add, and edit sidebar panels
  • Reorder panels in sidebar
  • View and edit your library of cards and panels


  • View catalog and library of saved overlays
  • Preview and create overlays
  • Broadcast overlays
  • Edit and broadcast saved overlays from you library


  • Create one-time tickets and recurring subscriptions
  • Generate Access Codes


  • Create and view achievement actions (these tie to the Leaderboard panel)


Analyze & Optimize

  • Trends: An overview including concurrents, viewership stats, session stats, channel overviews, etc.
  • Events: Create and view latest and past events
  • Community: View user stats, session numbers, and average watch times
  • Engagement: View engagement stats on panels, overlays, cards, quests, and multiple choice
  • Retention: View retention rates and stats for you events

For a more in depth look at analytics, click here.


  • You can see the revenue you have made from Tickets, Subscriptions and Donations via the Revenue dashboard.



  • View all user accounts
  • Set site-wide and chat moderator admin permissions


    • View all authenticated users 
    • Create user segments 
    • Search for a user


    3rd Party Apps:

    • Add a Facebook app
    • Add a Facebook pixel app
    • Add a Google Analytics ID

    Code Injection:

    • Add custom tracking pixels
    • Add custom CSS

    Customer Profile:

    • Set name and logo which will appear on customers’ receipts


    • Set favicon and mobile icons


    • Enable language select in footer
    • Set default site language

    Log In:

    • Add custom text to login modal
    • Set custom terms of use and privacy policy links
    • Enable marketing opt in and set custom text


    • Add a page title, image, description and keywords for social shares

    User Profiles:

    • Enable user to change their profile name
    • Add user profile images to the Gallery
    • Edit images to set admin specific user profile images

    Video Player:

    • Add Twitch Player Configuration with Client ID and REdirect URI
    • Toggle Video Title display and YouTube Autoplay on/off
    • Add/remove share icons on video footer (Twitter, Facebook, Link, and Embed)
    • Toggle concurrents counter on/off on video footer

    Welcome Screen: 

    Add a loading image on web and mobile