How to Broadcast a Tweet Overlay

Learn how to broadcast a tweet on Maestro. Highlight a specific tweet and prompt users to retweet with this overlay.

Tweets are great to highlight UGC content or increase virality around a specific tweet.

Tweet links are typically sent via a social team to the production team who can broadcast them out, and the average engagement rate for broadcasting tweets is 2-5%.

Check out examples of tweet overlays on desktop and mobile for more insight.

With that said, here is how you can broadcast a tweet overlay on your streams:

  1. Select "Channels" from the Admin Navigation Bar and then the select the channel you'd like the overlay to appear on
  2. Click "Overlays" from the admin bar under "Channel Settings"
  3. Click "Catalog" at the top of your overlays menu
  4. Click the preview button next to the overlay to see an example of this overlay in your channel (it must be in TV mode to see previews): 
  5. Click "Use" to add your Tweet URL
  6. Enter the URL and duration (Note: We suggest 25-35 seconds. The default duration is 20 seconds)
  7. Review the overlay with the preview in your channel
  8. Toggle "All channels" to "On" if you want your raffle overlay to appear over all channels
  9. Click the broadcast button image-png-Feb-09-2022-09-10-31-14-PM to push your overlay live
Note: The stats above your message cannot be seen by viewers.