Creating a Paywall/Entitlement Gate

Paywalls, also called Entitlement Gates, allow you to sell tickets or subscriptions. Gates are created on a Channel-specific basis -- that is to say, when a Channel is gated, the viewer needs the associated Entitlement (Ticket/Subscription) to view that specific Channel. 

To add an Entitlement Gate to your Channel:

  • Click Channels from the Admin Bar
  • Select the edit button next to the desired Channel from the channels list on the left
  • With your Channel selected, click the Settings tab on the righthand side
  • Scroll down to the Gate section and toggle Gate ON
  • Select Entitlement for the Gate Type from the dropdown menu
  • Fill out the requested fields:
    • Title: Name of the event
    • Subtitle: Description of event
    • Date: Date and time of the event
  • Click Add Entitlement
  • Select desired Entitlement(s) using ‘+’ button
    • You can also create a new entitlement by clicking ‘Add Entitlement’
    • Note the Entitlement name is publicly facing, so consider using something like "General Admission" or "Live Stream + VOD Rental" to describe what the viewer is purchasing
  • You may also add a Background Image to your Gate for web and mobile
  • Scroll up and hit Save & Publish to activate the Gate!

The gate will become active once you save and publish. You can remove or change the Gate at any time by toggling the Gate off, editing it, or selecting different Entitlement(s).

Hint: to preview the Gate, simply view the Gated Channel in a logged out state. One easy way to do this is by opening the Channel in a private/incognito browsing window.

Managing Entitlements

You can add multiple Entitlements to a Gate! This is a great way to create Tiered Pricing.

Entitlements grant access to a Channel for as long as they are actively applied to the Gate. In the example above, the "All Access" visibility is toggled off; this means that All Access subscribers can view the Channel, but the subscription is not available for purchase on the Gate.

You can also have multiple Channels active with different Entitlements (Tickets/Subscriptions) associated with each Channel. For example, the "All Access" Entitlement would be added to all Gates so that those subscribers can freely navigate between different ticketed events.

You may also change the Entitlements (Tickets/Subscriptions) on a Channel at any given time -- simply click the "X" to remove an Entitlement, and thus remove access for those Entitlement holders (such as after a VOD rental period or before a new event on the same Channel).

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