How to Create and Add a Card

Learn how to create and add cards to your streams.

Cards are semi-permanent messages that appear over your channel's sidebar. They offer a great way to deliver a message to new visitors or highlight content.

Unlike overlays, which disappear after a set amount of time, a card remains over the sidebar until the user dismisses it themselves or it is manually removed by an admin. 

After selecting the channel, creating and adding a card can be done from the Editor or Panels tab in the admin navigation bar.

How to Create Cards in Editor

  1. Click the "Edit Channel" button at the top right of your Maestro Site
  2. Click the sidebar to edit it
  3. Continue from Step 2 in the tutorial below

How to Create Cards in Panels

  1. Click "Panels" from the admin bar
  2. If you don’t see the header "Sidebar Settings," click "BACK" in the top right of the sidebar (Note: When you enter the sidebar you’ll be taken back to wherever you left off last time you were in the sidebar)
  3. Click "Set Card"
  4. Click the preview button to the right of the card to view an example in the preview window:
  5. Click "Use" to select and start editing a card’s content
  6. After entering your content, click "Save To Library"
  7. Click the "+" button next to the card to add it (Note: You’ll see it in the preview and changes will be saved automatically)
  8. Click "Publish" to push changes live, then exit the editor

How to Edit a Card

  1. Click the edit button next to the card:
  2. To remove a card, click the "X" next to the card
  3. To switch to a different card, click "Change Card"
  4. Click "Library" to pick from your previously added cards, or click "Catalog" to create a new card
  5. Make sure to save your cards (check the top left of the site for the "SAVED" icon) and then click "Publish" to push changes live, then Exit Editor

Note: Removing a card does not delete it. The card will still remain in your library and can be added later on.

Recommended Card Dimensions

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