Does Maestro Offer Domain Restrictions to Secure my Streams and VOD Playback?

Getting your content in front of as many eyes as possible is often the name of the game. However, protecting your content from pirates is also a priority.

On Maestro, we offer domain restrictions to help secure your content.

Secure Live Stream Playback:

Any direct-to-Maestro live stream hosted on a domain is automatically subject to secure streaming. Playback is restricted to verified domains, and the live stream URL is secured with a unique token in the browser console. 

Please note, additional action is required to secure custom domains. To discuss, please submit a support ticket.

Secure Video-on-Demand Playback:

Maestro is also equipped with domain restrictions for videos-on-demand, ensuring secure playback from verified domains only. This means that unauthorized domains can't embed your content on their site for bootleg sales or viewing. 

Please note, this is a premium feature and is not automatically enabled on Maestro sites. If you are interested in adding domain restrictions to your Maestro site for on-demand content, please contact us directly by opening a Support Ticket.

Any videos uploaded directly to Maestro after enabling this feature will be protected with domain restrictions.