How to Export User Lists

Learn how to export user lists on Maestro.

Logged-in users, including users with access to tickets and subscriptions, can be found via the Community Dashboard. Here is how you can export user lists on Maestro:

Start by clicking on "Community" from the new admin navigation bar. 

The Community view will default to all logged-in users. It will say User Results: XXX and have an Export Result button next to it:


From there, follow these steps to export all users:

  1. Click the "Export Results" button 
  2. When the report is ready, the button will read "Download Results"
  3. Click "Download Results"
  4. A CSV will download directly to your computer 

The CSV will contain the following information: 

  • Joined Date (when the user first logged in) 
  • Name 
  • UserID (this will pull from the Service used)
  • Service 
  • Marketing Opt-In 
    • True: The user opted in
    • False: User did not opt-in 
    • Blank: The feature was not turned on