Maestro Feature Guide

Learn about all of Maestro's top features.


Channel: Your broadcasting home base where your audience can access your live or VOD content; can be personalized to match your brand, add engaging panels, or broadcast overlays over your stream.

Content: The various types of video that you can play on your channel; broadcast live via Maestro, schedule pre-recorded content to play live, play a Twitch stream, or schedule content to play while you are offline

Access: Settings that allow you to choose how your audience can access your content; it’s possible to set different access requirements for every channel you create; Some examples of access requirements include account logins, password-protection, or the purchase of a ticket or subscription

Editor: A tool that allows you to upload your logo, set up your channel navigation links, set a countdown timer, share your socials, and manage your Sidebar panels

Logo: Upload your brand’s logo to display on your channel

Navigation Links: With navigation links, you can link other Maestro channels or deep-link to other your business’s digital properties outside of Maestro

Countdown: An optional section that allows streamers to set a timer to countdown to your broadcast or other important moments; designed to build excitement and anticipation among your audience

Sidebar: A section where your engagement and monetization panels live; you can modify all aspects on the Sidebar to match your brand look and feel

Channel Selector: The channel selector is a list of all channels you have created on your Maestro account

SEO: Short for “search engine optimization”; a function that allows you to add keywords to your channel to make it discoverable to search engines


Overlays: An element that allows users to broadcast contextual graphics and information at key moments of a stream

Shopify: Integrate your Shopify merch store with Maestro to add select items to your channel; use live selling to promote and sell your merchandise with a seamless checkout experience

Raffle: Conduct a giveaway on your stream where users can win prizes

Message: Broadcast a text message onto your stream to provide additional info

Poll: Share a live poll to allow viewers to weigh in on a specific topic

Poll results: Broadcast the results of a poll

Trivia: Add trivia questions to your broadcast to engage your audience to answer in real-time

Lower third: Share a fully customizable image on the bottom lower third of your video player

Tweet: Add any tweet to your live stream (including images)

Library & Panels

Library: Contains all of the assets you create on Maestro, including VOD content, panels, and overlays; also includes VOD files that are auto-archived from past live streams

Panels: Interactive elements that can be incorporated into your broadcasts; Maestro offers 10+ panel options

Card: An element of your channel that can be customized as any graphic to provide context or additional information to your audience; commonly used to welcome the audience, share an update, or highlight a sponsor.

Chat: Fully-featured chat tool to promote audience interaction; complete with moderation tools

Shopify: Integrate your Shopify merch store with Maestro to add select items to your channel; use live selling to promote and sell your merchandise with a seamless checkout experience

Watch Together: A video chat room feature that allows up to 4 friends to watch content together

Quest: Multi-step tasks for your audience to complete while they watch your content; designed to promote brand loyalty and encourage recurring participation from viewers

Leaderboard: An interactive leaderboard used to showcase which viewers have the most achievement points earned from quests.

Multiple Choice: Polls, trivia, and predictions into your broadcast that encourage viewers to participate in segments of your live stream

Image: Add a graphic or promotional image; embed links in the images to link out anywhere

People: Add visuals and a bio to highlight featured guests 

Schedule: Add a visual content schedule for upcoming shows with “Add to Calendar” reminders for viewers

Channel Select: Cross-promote your Maestro channels to different audiences

Playlists: Curate a list of VODs from your library for your audience 

Twitch Chat: Embed Twitch chat into your Maestro channel 

Community & Monetization

Community: Access key information about your audience that will help you keep them engaged; filter viewers based on when they were tuned in to your live stream or if they purchased a ticket or subscription

Monetization: Generate revenue from your online video content; Maestro supports ticket, subscriptions, and sponsor-based monetization

  • Tickets: One-time access to any event that includes payment processing and sales tax automation.           
  • Subscriptions: Provide recurring access to a Maestro channel; this can include live and VOD content
  • Sponsors: Offer ad placements and inventory on any Maestro channel for sponsors

Live Shopping: Integrate your existing Shopify store to allow viewers to shop while they watch.

Payment Methods: Creators and viewers can save payment methods onto their accounts for quick and repeat purchases; Maestro allows viewers to pay with credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay

Payouts: Connect your Stripe account to collect your payout for the revenue you’ve generated on Maestro; please note that all payouts are handled via Stripe directly to your bank account


Third-Party Apps: Integrate tools into your Maestro account. Sync your Facebook App, Facebook Pixel app, Google Analytics, Shopify, or Brightcove (coming soon) for additional capabilities

Billing: Manage your Maestro plan, Stripe payout, and billing history

Achievements: Setup a loyalty system and reward your viewers for engaging with your content; give your users points based on their actions and show the leaderboard to recognize your most engaged viewers

Admins: Invite additional admins to join your team on Maestro.

Developer: Add custom code, register for an API key, and subscribe to webhooks to create custom experiences on your Maestro channel

Icons: Upload favicon and icon images that will appear on the browser tab for viewers who come to your Maestro channel

Localization: Allow viewers to change the language of the default text that appears when they go to your site; Maestro currently supports English, Dutch, Japanese, and Mandarin

Log In: Replace Maestro Terms of Service and Privacy Policy with your own

Receipts: Customize the receipts for when viewers make a purchase on your channel; enter a custom support email so your viewers can reach out with questions and refunds; add custom instructions on how to gain access to your channel

Site SEO: Add keywords and metadata to your Maestro site to help crawlers index your site and rank higher on search engine result pages

User Profiles: Configure profile options for your audience; indicate whether they can change their usernames and select which profile images they can choose