How to Gate Access to your Maestro Site

Learn how to gate access to your Maestro Site.

This article will review the multiple options available to control access to your Maestro Instance.

You can add a gate to each channel to control access to your Maestro instance. To set up a Gate, click "Access" in the Channel Controls of the admin navigation bar. 

This will open up a preview of the Gate - which is what your viewers will see.

To make changes to the gate, select Edit Gate

There are four types of Gates available: Login, Password, Ticket or Subscription, and Access. Code.


Adding a login gate will require users to create a Maestro account to enter the channel. 



Set a specific password to access the channel. Users will be required to enter the password to gain access.

Ticket or Subscription:

Add tickets and/or subscriptions to access the Channel. Users will be required to purchase a ticket or subscription to gain access.

For more about tickets and subscriptions, click here.

To save changes to the gate, toggle Enable Gate to "On" and Publish to push the changes live, then Exit Editor.


Access Code:

Access codes will require users to enter a unique code to access your channel. 

To learn more about Access Codes,  check out our dedicated guide 

* Access Codes are a Premium Feature. Please fill out this form if you'd like to enable this feature on your site.