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How to Use the Maestro x Gramrphone Integration

Learn how to use Gramrphone's Maestro integration

Setting up Gramrphone

  1. Download the latest version of Gramrphone for free from www.gramrphone.com
  2. Open the Gramrphone.pkg file from your Downloads folder to open the Installer
  3. Click through the screens and enter your password when prompted
  4. Once installation is complete the Gramrphone application will automatically open in your dock
  5. Enter your email address and create a password (Note: The password must be a minimum of six characters)
  6. Check Gramrphone's Privacy Policy and then click "Get Started"

Setting up your Stream

  1. Select your "Visual Input" from the first drop-down (You can upload a custom image or GIF and videos to your stream, select your built-in webcam, or plug in an external webcam and select that)
  2. If you want to screenshare during your livestream you can click on the “Screenshare” option.
    1. Note: Play some audio and you will see the icon turn Green to signal audio is being capturedSelect your "Audio Input" (You can choose to stream audio directly from your desktop, this will enable audio to be played on any application on your computer to be captured by Gramrphone, ready to stream to Maestro)
    2. Optional: Select the "Stream from DAW’ option to stream audio directly from your Digital Audio Workstation, such as Logic Pro, Ableton, and Garageband
  3. Select your Microphone Input from downtown. Your "Built-In Mic" will be selected as the default option
    1. Note: If you would like to use an external microphone or an interface, just plug it into your laptop and select it from the dropdown. You can mute the microphone by clicking the icon and changing the volume using the slider. When your Mic is captured, the icon will turn green.
  4. Select how you want to hear and monitor your audio during your live stream by clicking on the ‘Monitor Output’ dropdown. Your built-in computer speakers will be selected as the default but you can change this to external speakers or your interface
    1. As soon as you hear the audio the icon will turn green

Live Streaming to Maestro

  1. From the "Stream Output" dropdown, scroll down to the second last option and select Custom RTMP Server.
  2. Now go to your web browser and open your Maestro channel. Click on the green "Stream" button in the right corner
  3. This will display your Stream URL and Stream Key 
  4. Copy your Stream URL and paste it into the first Stream Output box in Gramrphone
  5. Copy your Stream Key and paste it into the second Stream Output box in Gramrphone
  6. Do a final check to ensure that your visuals, audio input, and mic input are good to go, and when you’re ready, click the “Start Stream” button to go live
  7. After a few seconds, your Maestro Channel will start to receive the audio and video feed from Gramrphone, and you can double-check how the live stream is sounding. When you’re ready to publish your live stream to your followers, click on the yellow “Go Live” button on the top right of the screen.

You are now live streaming high-quality audio and video directly from your computer to your Maestro channel! When you are finished click "Go Offline."   

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