Guide to Quest Actions


The following Quest actions are currently supported: 

  • Visit Channel
    • Drive viewers to another channel
  • Visit on a specific Day or Time
    • Increase retention for a specific event
  • Watch video (a livestream or VOD)
    • Increase viewer watch time
  • Answer a Multiple Choice
    • Increase engagement by interacting with polls/trivia/predictions
  • Make a prediction
    • Opens a prediction sidebar panel to increase engagement
  • View a specific panel
    • Highlight sidebar content and give context to the channel
  • Retweet (from twitter panel, retweet card and tweet overlay)
    • Increase social virality via Twitter
  • Share to Facebook 
    • Increase social virality via Facebook
  • Open Link
    • Drive users to an external website
  • Impossible Action — this is not an actual action but allows you to post something for the future

Maestro recommends adding 1-3 actions per quest to keep the objective attainable for the user.  The most popular quest actions include:

  • Answer poll/trivia (increases engagement and data collection) 
  • Watch video (increases watch time)
  • Share to Facebook (increases social awareness)
  • Visit day/time across multiple days (increases retention) 

If you'd like to discuss a Quest strategy to better reach your goals, or have an idea for a Quest action, please reach out to your Account Manager.