Creating a Paywall Gate

Paywalls are done on a channel-specific basis. You can have multiple channels active with different subscriptions associated with each channel. You may also change the subscription on a channel at any given time.

  • Click Channels from the admin tab
  • Select the desired channel from the channels list
  • Click the Settings tab on the channel
  • Scroll down to the gate section and toggle gate ON
  • Select Entitlement from the gate dropdown
  • Fill out the requested fields:
    • Title = Name of the event
    • Subtitle = Description of event
    • Date = Date and time of the event
  • Click Add Entitlement
  • Select desired Entitlement(s)
  • Add gate background image for web and mobile. This is what the user will see when they land on the channel, along with the above fields.
  • Once done, scroll up and hit Save & Publish to activate the gate

The gate will become active once you save and publish. You can remove or change the gate at any time.