How to Create and Add a Quest

Learn how to create and add a quest panel to your stream

Quests are a great tool for engaging your viewers. Luckily, these are fairly easy to set up on Maestro.

How to Create a Quest

  1. Click "Library" in the Admin bar
  2. Click "Panels" > "Add New" > "Quest"
  3. Add the name of the quest that appears to end-users
  4. Add a description to explain the quest or add sponsor messaging
  5. Add "Actions" (i.e., the actions users must take to complete the quest)
  6. Add a "Reward" (i.e., the reward entry the user will receive for completing the quest)
  7. Add a "Lifespan" (i.e., the timeframe for when the quest is active)
  8. Once all fields have been filled out, click "Save" (You’ll see which items you might be missing in Red under the save button. All required items must be filled in to save your quest.)
  9.  Click the "+" button next to the quest to add it
  10.  Click "Save To Library" at the top to save all quests within your panel

How to Add a Quest

  1. Click "Library" > "Panel" from the admin bar
  2. Click "Add Panels" (If you don’t see this option skip to the next step)
  3. Click the "Catalog" tab
  4. Click "" to preview or click "Use" to customize and save a Quest Panel
  5. Fill in the following information:
    Icon: Pick an icon to display at the top of the panel
    Name: Pick a name for the Quest Panel to appear under the icon
    Rules & Help Links: Include links to Quest rules and Help
    Login button text: Include text to appear when a user is prompted to log in after engaging in a quest
    Toggle on/off the number of people who completed each quest
    Description: Enter the text that will appear below your panel name
  6. Scroll to the very bottom of your quest panel editor and click "Add Quest"
  7. Click the "+" button to add your quests to your panel

Note: You can add multiple quests to your quest panel.

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