Creating and Broadcasting Overlays

To create overlays, first go to Overlays within your admin tools and follow the steps below:

Create Overlays

  • Select the overlay you want to customize from the catalog by clicking the edit pencil
    • Note that clicking on the overlay type will display a preview if channel is in TV mode
  • Fill in relevant fields. You will see the overlay preview in real time over the video in a preview window
    • Note: The duration defaults to 20s
  • Click SAVE

Broadcast Overlays

  • Click Overlays from your admin tab 
  • You can either create a new overlay (follow steps above) or select from your previously saved overlays (Library). 
  • New overlay:
    • Once the overlay as been created, click the Broadcast button
  • Saved overlay:
    • Click Library
    • Click the overlay to preview it 
    • Click the broadcast icon to broadcast