How To Embed Maestro on an Existing Site

Learn how to embed Maestro on an existing site.

To embed Maestro on an existing site, you have the option of embedding the entire experience as an iFrame or embedding ONLY the video and panel sections. 

  • To embed Maestro as a whole, you can use the full URL as the iFrame (i.e.,
  • To embed the video and panels ONLY, add the following URL parameter: ?embed=theater. (The full URL will read

If you are using the Maestro video player, you may pull the iFrame embed code via the Share icon on the video player.

Additional Details About Embedding

  • All Maestro streams can easily be embedded elsewhere:
    • Example: <iframe src="" ></iframe>

      Note: The ?embed=video URL parameter is important.
    • Example: <iframe src="" ></iframe>. 

      Note: If you do this, the traffic from partner123 will appear in paid referrals within the Trends dashboard. 
      If you want to track viewership from individual platforms, use the following URL parameter: "r=[source]"
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