How To Implement Maestro on a Subdomain


Step 1: Select the subdomain or domain you wish to deploy your Maestro instance on (i.e

Step 2: Add an SSL Certificate to Domain

  • All SSL Certs are handled via Digicert
  • There are two verification methods:
    • Email: The domain registrar will receive an email from Digicert to verify the domain. Please ensure access to the registrar email. 
    • TXT Record: Maestro can generate a TXT record to add to the domain for verification

Step 3: Add A records to domain 

  • Maestro will supply 4 A records to add to the domain which will redirect to our servers
  • Typically a member of your IT team or the person who handles DNS settings will be able to set this up 
  • Note that Maestro uses Fastly as their CDN. If you are also using Fastly, please let Maestro know ASAP to avoid any issues at launch. 

Step 4: Going Live 

  • Once the domain has been verified and the A records have been added, Maestro can make your site live.