How to Launch Maestro on Your Own Website

Learn how to publish your Maestro video stream on a custom domain.

Although many users prefer to stream on their customizable Maestro site, it is both possible and easy to set Maestro up to stream on your existing website. All you need is a Live URL on a domain that you own. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a custom domain, you must go live from your custom URL and not your domain. If you do not stream from your custom domain, playback will not work on the custom domain.

**We strongly recommend launching at least 24 hours before your event's start time to give the site time to propagate across the web.**

Step 1: Confirm Your Live URL with Maestro

To get started, you must confirm your live URL with Maestro.

Maestro is typically launched as a subdomain on your existing website (e.g., ""). Alternatively, you can use a new domain that you create specifically for housing your Maestro stream (e.g., "").

  • If using a Subdomain: the key step is to decide what the subdomain will be called. Some common examples are,, or
  • If using a Root Domain: purchase a new domain to use specifically for streaming. This can be done with any major website hosting provider.

Once you have a domain in place and have decided on a live URL, please submit a Custom Live URL Request.

Step 2: Add the CNAME Records Provided by Maestro

With the Live URL confirmed, Maestro will provide instructions for adding two updates to your domain's DNS settings:

  • One will be a CNAME for an SSL cert
  • One will be a CNAME to point the subdomain to the Maestro servers

If using a Root Domain, Maestro may provide four "A Records" in place of the second CNAME

Once these two steps are implemented, please communicate this back on the same ticket as your Custom Live URL request so we can verify it looks correct.

Please note that Maestro uses Fastly as our CDN. If you are also using Fastly to support your streaming setup, please let Maestro know ASAP to avoid any issues at launch. 

This step is usually handled by whoever has access to the DNS settings of your website, such as an IT specialist or webmaster. For more help with this step, check out this resource from Google, which provides instructions based on your specific domain provider.

Step 3: Go Live!

Once the records have been added and confirmed, the site will be ready to go live.

When your site design is ready for publishing, simply confirm via that same Custom Live URL Request Ticket that you're ready to launch, and we will activate your site.

We recommend launching at least 24 hours before your event's start time to give the site time to propagate across the web.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using a custom domain, video playback will not work on your domain.

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