How to Read Metrics in Analytics

Learn how to read the different metrics in the analytics dashboard.

Each company measures metrics a little differently. At Maestro, we strive to be transparent about what our numbers mean. 

Here's a breakdown of what each of the metrics means in our analytics dashboard.

  • Concurrent Sessions Right Now: Estimated number of active sessions connected to a specific instance of Maestro (Note: Counts under 5000 could be inaccurate within a 10-15% margin)
  • Concurrents: The average and peak numbers of active sessions simultaneously connected 
  • Sessions: A session is a group of events that take place between connection and disconnection from the hub
  • Devices: Number of unique devices that are connected to the hub (note: each browser is connected as a separate device)
  • Pageviews: Number of times the page was loaded
  • Average Session Time: Average duration of a user session
  • Total Session Time: Cumulative total session duration of all users
  • Total Logged-In: Total number of logged-in users
  • Logged-In Users: Unique users who are logged into the hub
  • New Users: Users who have logged in for the first time ever within the past 24 hours
  • Session Duration: Distribution of session durations
  • Demographics: Covers age and gender of viewers (when data is available)
  • Sources: Where the user originated from
  • Paid Referrals: Sessions that occur on your site as a result of paid advertising or a URL with a custom URL referral

Please reach out to your Account Manager if you have a specific question about a metric and what it may mean.

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