Setting Up a Landing Page

A Landing Page is a great way to organize VOD content and channels in one location, making the browsing experience beautiful and seamless.

To create a landing page:

  • Click Channels from the admin tab
  • Click Create Channel and select Landing Page
  • Click Go To Channel for the Edit Mode view

In Edit Mode:

  • Hover over the Content section and click Edit
  • There are three content options to choose from:
    • Add Video or Playlist: Adds a single video or a row of videos in a playlist
      • Click this option
      • From the Library modal, select the video or playlist
      • Continue until all content has been added
      • Click Save
    • Add Spotlight: Adds a large "spotlight" image that links to a video or channel
      • Click this option
      • Add Spotlight text (appears over the image left aligned)
      • Add image
      • Select video, playlist or channel to link
      • Add button text (CTA text)
      • Click Add
      • Click Save
    • Add Channels: Adds a row of Channels users can navigate too. Channels will display a LIVE indicator while live
      • Click this option
      • Add header text (will appear above the row of channels, left aligned)
      • Select channels
      • Click Add
      • Click Save
  • Once content has been added, click Save and Publish to push changes live
  • To Edit a row, click the Pencil next to the row in Edit Mode
  • To Remove a row, click the X next to the row in Edit Mode
  • To re-arrange rows, simply drag and drop.
  • Click Save and Publish after each change

Edit Mode in Landing Page works the same as channels. You can edit the navigation, sidebar, logo, etc. To understand the difference between Channels and Landing Pages, click HERE.