How To Set Up Achievements

To set up achievements, click on Achievements from your admin tab and follow these steps:

  • Click Add Action in the top right
  • Select the action you'd like to add
  • Name = the name that will display on the Leaderboard panel
  • Icon = the icon that will display on the leaderboard panel
  • Points = the number of points that the user will earn when completing this action
  • Timeframe
    • Always Active = the user can earn points anytime when completing the action
    • Time Range = The user can only earn points for the action during the set timeframe
      • Once this action expires, it will appear under the Expired tab in the dashboard
  • Hit Save

FAQ: Can I clear the leaderboard? At this time the leaderboard cannot be cleared.  Once users start accumulating points they will remain on the leaderboard.