Streaming Directly to Maestro

Streaming directly to Maestro is a premium feature and requires a sales associate to enable access. 

Once access is enabled, follow these steps:


1. Click Stream from your admin bar 

2. Click Preview a Stream in the top left of the window 

3. Click Add Live Stream from the top right of the modal or click the + button to add an existing live stream object.

  •     If adding a new stream, be sure to add the meta data including a name, thumbnail and duration

4. Once your stream is added a Stream Key and URL will be displayed.  

5. Copy and paste the Stream Key and URL into your source software (i.e OBS, etc) 

  • IMPORTANT: If you are using our low latency provider (phenix) and ZOOM to stream, please removes the capabilities parameter at the end of the URL.  If you key looks like this: 25gjeg34569hgj33:capabilities=. , remove the semi-colon and everything after it. 
    • If you are using Mux you can disregard this

6. Start streaming from your SOURCE (i.e OBS, etc). Once we receive the feed, you will see a PREVIEW of your stream.

  • Note that only admins will see this preview. Your viewers will still see the offline content you have added at this time.

7. When you are ready to go live, click the Go Live button in the top right of the window. This may take a couple seconds. 

8. Once you are live, the Preview bar at the bottom of the screen will go away and you will be live to your viewers. 

9. When you are ready to go offline, click the Go Offline button in the top right. This may take a few seconds. 

  • Note: Please click Go Offline from Maestro BEFORE stopping your stream at the source 
  • Use Maestro as the "source of truth" for when the stream should stop. For example, OBS might be a couple seconds ahead, wait until you see your stopping point on the Maestro feed before clicking Go Offline.