How To Submit a Bug Ticket

To submit a bug or issue, please email with the following:

  • Summary:
  • Description:
  • Feature:
  • Browser, Device & OS:
  • Username/Emails of Affected:
  • Additional Details:

A bug ticket will be created and prioritized in accordance to severity and number affected. Your account manager will provide an update when the ticket has been prioritized and when it has been resolved.


  • Summary: i.e Quest progress not counting
  • Description: When trying to complete a quest action, such as Answer Poll, the progress is not counting for some users. The user has tried on multiple devices and systems and is receiving the same error.
  • Feature: Quests
  • Devices, OS & Browsers: Google Chrome (web and mobile), Macbook Pro, Catalina 10.15.2, iPhoneXS
  • Username/Emails of Affected: or iamauser123
  • Additional Details: This is specifically happening on Quest Name. This user is not having the same issue on the other active quests (Quest Name 2, Quest Name 3). We have received 5 other reports from other users (listed above).