Using Chat Moderation Tools

Maestro offers the following moderation tools for Maestro chat:

  • Removing a message 
    • To use, however over a users message in chat 
    • Click the Remove button next to the message 
    • Click Yes or No on the prompt 
  • Silencing a user 
    • To use, hover over the users username/name 
    • Click the silence button next to their name 
    • Click Yes or No on the prompt 
    • Once the user is silenced, their previous messages will remain, however their future messages will not appear.
    • To un-silence a user, open the chat admin via Edit Mode. There will be a section for Silenced users. 
    • Click un-silence next to the user 
    • The user will be un-silenced. 
  • Clearing the chat 
    • To use, click the Clear Chat button on the bottom right of the chat panel 
    • This will clear the entire chat and all it's messages, however they will still be available for export.
  • Filtered Words
    • Maestro already filters our hundreds of commonly used profanity. Filtered words will appear in the chat with ***. 
    • If there are additional filtered words you'd like to add, you can add them to the Filtered Words section of the chat panel.