How to Use the Raffle Overlay

Learn how to use the raffle overlay on Maestro.

A raffle overlay is similar to a virtual t-shirt cannon within your stream. Using raffles encourages users to stay active and logged in while you're live for a chance to win a reward. Raffles are  great for downtime as well as any other part of the event.

Winners are selected at random from the list of users who submitted an entry. 

Here's how too use a raffle overlay:

  1. Go to "Channels" then select the channel you'd like to add the overlay to
  2. Choose "Overlays" from the admin bar

  3. Click to preview the Overlay
  4. Use to customize & broadcast
  5. Enter the reward
  6. Select "All channels" if you want this overlay to appear site wide
  7. Click the broadcast button image-png-Feb-09-2022-09-10-31-14-PM to push your raffle live

Once the raffle overlay has been broadcasted, a series of three overlays will automatically trigger:

  1. The first overlay lets users know a raffle is about to begin (I.e.,“A giveaway will begin soon. Watch here to participate!” with a 60s countdown)
  2. The second overlay prompts users to submit their entry
  3. The third overlay automatically chooses and broadcasts the name of the winner in stream

Once a winner is selected, they can be found in the Analytics dashboard within the "Engagement" tab:

  1. Click "Overlays"
  2. Click the row with your raffle to expand it
  3. View the winner’s reward, username, email, and user ID

Follow the links below to view examples: