Overlay Guide

Overlays are a powerful way to engage with your audience in real time, creating a data feedback loop to further reach your live streaming goals.


Maestro offers 7 different overlays and 11 different calls to action, allowing customization and flexibility to meet your needs. Click Overlays in the admin bar to access this feature.


  • Messages are text-based overlays that can have a Call To Action (CTA) appended to the end
  • These are great for quick, real time messages you'd like to blast out to your audience 

Lower Thirds

  • Lower Thirds are graphic images that can have a baked in CTA
  • These are great for pre-anticipated moments or sponsorship placement during the stream

Polls & Trivia

  • Polls and trivia can be sent in real time with an immediate response rate from the audience 
  • These are great for surveying the audience, keeping the audience active during downtime, and linking to quests for rewards

Poll Results

  • Poll results display the results from a previous poll/trivia question


  • Highlight a specific tweet and prompt users to retweet with this overlay. 
  • These are great to use during downtime or in conjunction with quests to reward users for creating a viral moment

Live Raffle

  • Raffle overlays are similar to a virtual t-shirt cannon, allowing viewers to enter a raffle and win a reward of your choice
  • Life raffles are a great way to keep users engaged and on their toes, waiting for the next opportunity to enter for a chance to win a prize. These have a direct correlation to increased watch time and engagement

Call to Action (CTA): 

  • Open Link
  • Show Panel
  • Play Video
  • Show Person
  • Show Group
  • Facebook share
  • Email Collect
  • Show Player Stats
  • Go to channel
  • Login
  • Tweet

Each stream is different and may require different overlays and calls to action. Reach out to your Account Manager to discuss the best overlay strategy for your stream to make sure you are getting the most from the platform.  

To see overlay examples click here to check out Maestro's best practices to most effectively utilize our engagement tools.