How to Initiate a Payout from Ticket & Subscription Sales

Learn how to get paid from your ticket and subscription sales on Maestro.

Any balanced owed to you by Maestro for Tickets, Subscriptions, or Tips are issued via Stripe and deposited directly into your bank account.

All Maestro Clients are required to connect a Stripe account. It is important to note that payouts will not be issued unless there is a valid Stripe account attached to your Maestro Instance. If you do not currently have a Stripe account, you can create one for free HERE.

A 1099-MISC will be issued at the end of the financial year via Stripe applicable to customers in the United States only. 

A 2% retainer on credit card receipts will be held for 90 days by Maestro for any Event refunds and chargebacks that might occur. After the 90-day period, any balance not used will be transferred to the connected bank account.

Payouts from Tickets

Any balance for ticketed events will be paid automatically to you via direct transfer to your connected Stripe account three days after your event occurs.

Payouts from Subscriptions

Balances from Subscriptions are paid out monthly on the 3rd of the following month.

Tickets and Subscriptions are subject to a 15% Non-Refundable Service Fee that is passed on to your end users. 

Payouts from Tips

Amounts due to you by Maestro from Tipping are paid out upon receipt.

Tips are subject to a 15% Revenue Share with Maestro.