How to Get Paid for your Tickets and Subscriptions

Selling tickets or subscriptions on Maestro? Let's make sure you get paid!

When using the paywall, any amount due to you by Maestro for Paywall Transactions will be held until after the Virtual Experience has occurred. Payouts are then applied first to any usage and/or activity based fees that are due to Maestro.

Any balance still payable to you will be remitted via ACH transfer (or Wire if international) to the bank account advised on a bi-monthly cycle around mid-month and end of month subject to when your Virtual Experience occurred. A 1099-MISC will be issued at the end of the financial year applicable to customers in the United States only. Your W-9 (or W-8 if international) is required prior to payout. A 2% retainer on credit card receipts will be held for 90 days by Maestro for any Event refunds and chargebacks that might occur after which, any balance not used will be transferred to the advised bank account.