Refunding a single ticket


To begin the refund process, click on Community from the admin tab. 

  1. Search for the user via Name or Email 
  2. Next to the desired user, click View Profile 
  3. Under the Tickets section, find the ticket in question 
  4. Click the Refund button under Actions 
  5. Confirm the refund amount 
    • Note: You can refund the full amount or edit this field for a partial refund 
  6. Select the reason 
  7. Add a description (optional) 
  8. Select whether the user should keep the entitlement or if it should be removed 
    • Keeping the entitlement will allow the user access to content as long as the entitlement is enabled
    • Removing the entitlement will remove their access to the content 
  9. Click refund