How to Refund a Single Ticket

Learn how to refund a single ticket on Maestro.

Here is how to refund a single ticket on Maestro:

  1. Click on "Community" from the admin navigation bar
  2. Search for the user by name, username, or email 
  3. Next to the desired user, click "View Profile" 
  4. Under the "Tickets" section, find the ticket you would like to refund.
  5. Under "Actions," click the button that says "Refund"
  6. Confirm the refund amount (Note: You can issue a partial refund, however, you can ONLY refund up to the face value price of the ticket. Service fees are non-refundable.)
  7. Select the reason for the refund
  8. Add a description (optional)
  9. You can choose, if you like, to allow this user to retain access to the content by checking the box next to "Keep Entitlement." If you would like them to lose access to the content upon refunding, leave the box un-checked.
  10. Click "Refund"

Note: Refunds can take 5 to 10 business days to appear on a customer's statement.

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