How to Set or Change a Home Page or Channel

Learn how to set or change a home page or channel on Maestro.

The "Home" page or live channel is the place users land on when first arriving at your Maestro site. For example, when a user types in your site's URL (, or your Maestro URL ( they will first land on the home channel. 

All other channels they navigate to from there will have a slug, but the home channel will always default to your main URL.

You can set or change your home channel with the following steps:

  1. At the top of your Maestro Site, you will see an admin bar with a dropdown, indicating which live channel or page you're on. Click the dropdown.
  2. With the dropdown expanded, find the live channel or page that you'd like to make your homepage
  3. Click the three dots next to that live channel or page, and click "Set as Home"
  4. Click "Publish" to push changes live

Your home page channel will be indicated by the home icon:

New Home Symbol May 2022

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