Shopify: Install the Maestro Integration

The Maestro Shoppable Livestreams app allows you to sell your products to more customers by seamlessly integrating your existing store as a Panel. You can highlight a specific Product or Collection so viewers can complete their purchase without ever leaving the stream.

Here's how to set it up: 

  1. Start the install process by adding the Maestro App to your Shopify Store (you will need to be a Shopify admin to complete this step)
  2. Follow the quick installation process. When asked for your Maestro URL, be sure to use the formatted URL specifically (not your live URL)
  3. Once the URL is input, you will be redirected to your Maestro page (make sure you are logged in as an admin)
  4. Click 'Yes' on the confirmation dialogue to connect your store to the Maestro site
  5. You will be taken back to Shopify to confirm the installation where you will accept a $0 recurring subscription.
  6. With the integration setup, you can now navigate to "Panels -> Catalog -> Shopify" to add your Shopify store to your Maestro site! You should see your available 

Once the integration is complete, you can visit the Shopify Panel within Maestro to configure which Product or Collection is actively featured.

Hint: To configure which products are available for use on Maestro, make sure they are "Available on Maestro Shoppable Livestreams". This is a "Sales Channel" within Shopify.


  • Maestro takes a 5% cut of the net transaction
  • You can only have one Shopify store connected to your site at once