How do I build a site structure?

Both your admins and your end-users need to navigate around your Maestro site, and a navigation menu makes it easy for them to find everything they need in just a few clicks. 

By default, your site structure in the Admin Navigation dropdown will serve as the navigation menu across your site. You can edit the site structure by clicking the Admin Navigation dropdown at the top of your Maestro dashboard.

You can search for a Live Channel or Page using the search bar at the top, create a new Live Channel or Page using the button, or click on one of your Pages or Live Channels to navigate to it yourself. You can also drag pages and live channels in this list to reorder them.

Clicking the three dots next to a Page or Channel will provide you with more options, such as setting a homepage, duplicating a page or channel, or two new options: creating a sub-page or a sub-channel. 

Sub-pages and Sub-channels

Functionally, sub-pages and sub-channels are no different than Pages or Live Channels. However, with these options, it is now easier for you to build a functional Navigation Bar at the top of your Pages and Live channels. 

For example, let’s create a sub-page of the “Maestro in a Minute” Page:

A new page will be created, and when we take a look at the admin navigation dropdown, that page is nestled inside of the Maestro in a Minute root item. 

Note: sub-pages and sub-channels do have a different URL structure. They’ll look like this example: to show the site structure. 

Now, if we navigate back to the Maestro in a Minute page and look at the viewer-facing navigation bar at the top of the page, the sub-page is listed below Maestro in a Minute in a dropdown.

Next, we introduced “Folders” for Site Structure Organization.

Folders are root items within your site Navigation where you can organize your site structure. A good example may be a folder for all of your Live Channels called “Watch Now” or for your Pages called “About Us.” It all depends on your use case! 

To create a folder, click the button and then choose “folder.”

Finally, you can click and drag items in the admin Navigation dropdown to reorder the Navigation bar the viewer sees at the top of the page or on the mobile menu.

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