Streaming Directly to Maestro

Maestro offers the ability to stream directly to the platform via an RTMP URL and Stream Key.
Ready to get started? Just follow the steps below.

1. Click the 'Stream' icon from your admin bar on the left hand side of your screen. The 'Stream' icon is the 3rd icon that looks like a satellite signal:

2. This will generate a Stream URL and Stream Key on your screen. Copy and paste the Stream Key and URL into your source software (i.e OBS, Wirecast, etc).

3. Start streaming from your SOURCE (i.e OBS, etc). Once we receive the feed, you will see a PREVIEW of your stream.

    • Only admins will see this preview. Your viewers will still see the offline content you have added.
    • The recording will begin the moment you send the preview in, so please keep that in mind for VOD purposes.

4. When you are ready to go live, click the 'GO LIVE' button in the top right of the screen. This may take a couple seconds. 

5. Once you are live, the Preview bar at the bottom of the screen will go away and you will be live to your viewers. The red "Live" button will remain on the screen.

6. When you are ready to go offline, click the 'Go Offline' button in the top right. This may take a few seconds. 

    • Please click 'Go Offline' from Maestro BEFORE stopping your stream at the source 
    • Use Maestro as the "source of truth" for when the stream should stop. For example, OBS might be a couple seconds ahead, wait until you see your stopping point on the Maestro feed before clicking 'Go Offline'.

IMPORTANT: there is an eight (8) hour consecutive streaming limit on RTMP feeds. If you exceed this limit, your stream will drop and a new Stream Key and URL will be bound to your Channel. This will be the persistent key until the next time at a new key is forced by this method.

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