Does Maestro Support Video Ads?

Maestro supports pre-roll ads on your VOD and Live Video Content.

Maestro supports VAST (Video Ads Serving Template) URLs for pre-roll video ads only. With pre-roll ads toggled on, your viewers will see a pre-roll ad when they load a video to watch. 

Pre-roll ads appear on both VODs and Live Video content.

Please note, at this time, Video Ads are a Premium Feature. To request this feature be turned on for you site, please Submit a Ticket.

To enable Video Ads on your site, click Site Settings in the admin sidebar. Then, Ads. 

The Video Ads Settings modal will open. Toggle on “Enable Pre-Roll” Ads.

This will enable you to add your VAST URL, which you can find it the admin interface of your platform of your choice, like Google Ad Manager.