Watch Together

How it Works:

Watch Together allows viewers to create private video chat rooms of up to 6 participants right alongside the stream. Once inside of the Watch Together room, the viewer can invite friends to their unique room using a simple invite code. This enables everyone inside to watch the event and communicate with each other at the same time.

The Watch Together feature sits as a sidebar panel. The panel works seamlessly through the viewer's browser, using user-granted camera and microphone permissions. Within the room, viewers can disable their camera or mute themselves at their discretion. Similarly, hosts are able to remove participants from the room if needed.

See our FAQ section below.

Watch Together FAQ:

How do I get Watch Together added to my Maestro site? You need to request this from the Maestro Help Center or your Customer Success Manager. The feature is automatically added to your sidebar panel Library.

Does Watch Together have a cost? Yes, it is $.10 per viewer hour. This is specifically time spent within Watch Together and is not included in the overall viewer hours.

Can you create the codes in advance? No, only the host can create the code at the time of use. 

Can you meet new people in Watch Together? Yes, you can. If you drop the code into the Chat and ask people to join you, you can meet new people who are also participating in the chat.

Can the host of the Watch Together party mute others? No, Watch Together is not meant to have the functionality of a "breakout room." 

Can you create your own chat room for your Watch Together group? No, Watch Together only allows verbal communication at this time.

I am having trouble creating or joining a room, what can I do to troubleshoot? In order to join or create a room, please ensure the device has a camera and microphone connected and available. After accepting the prompt to share the camera and microphone, try refreshing the screen if you are still having trouble.

Can I adjust the volume of the main livestream content from within Watch Together? No, volume can be adjusted on the main video player controls. Additionally, there is no way to balance audio between the main video and Watch Together.


Watch Together uses peer to peer technology, there are no Maestro servers. Instead, the users’ browser encode/decode audio and video and send it between each other. User’s computers and bandwidth have a lot of impact on the performance of this feature.

*NOTE: Watch Together is a desktop only experience and is not available on mobile.