What Sidebar Options are Native to Maestro?

Your Maestro site includes sidebar panels to create context and encourage engagement with your viewers. Maestro natively includes the following sidebar panels for all customers: 

Chat: Maestro's own chat panel with moderation tools and optional anonymous chat support.

Shopify: Integrate your own Shopify store and sell your merch directly through Maestro!

People: Feature individuals or groups of people in the sidebar. 

Quest: Use gamification to drive user action and reward them for engagement with your content.

Image: Add an image as a panel to your sidebar. These images can be linked.

Schedule: Build your own schedule of events or populate it from your existing live channels. 

Channel Select: Add channel navigation for your viewers as a sidebar panel.

Playlist: Create a video playlist of videos within your Maestro site or YouTube.

Twitch Chat: Add a chat from a Twitch channel. The chat can be your own, or, someone else's.

Multiple Choice: Display a list of interactive polls, trivia, or predictions.

iFrame: Add a webpage via iframe to the sidebar. 

Leaderboard: Display the top 10 point earners for your site.

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