How to Add a Channel Gate

Learn how to add a channel gate for private streaming on Maestro.

Gates are customizable entry points that require users to take a certain action before accessing your live channel.

There are four main types of gates: 

  •  Login: Users must log in or create an account to access
  • Password: Users require a password to access
  • Tickets, Bundles, & Subscriptions: Users require payment to access
  • Access Code: Users must enter an access code to access

Each can be customized with a title, subtitle, as well as mobile and desktop background images.

With that said, here's how to add a gate to your channel on Maestro:

  1. Using the navigation dropdown, ensure you're on the live channel or page you'd like to add a gate to
  2. While on the selected channel, click "Access" in the admin sidebar
  3. The site will change states, and show you a preview of the gate
  4. Click in the top right-hand corner to edit, and the editor will appear
  5. Optional: Add the date and time of the event (Note: To turn on the Event date and time, toggle the option "on")
  6. Enter a title
    • Typically, this is the name of the event
  7. Enter a Subtitle if you wish.
    • Use this space to tell your audience what to expect. The better you can entice your audience, the more likely they will get through the gate. Please note, this text field has a Character Limit of 299.
  8. Click the "Access Control" area to select your gate type
  9. Select the method of access control you would like to use
  10. To add an access code gate, click "Ticket" or "Subscription" > "Show Advanced Options" > "Access Codes Only (Advanced)" and toggle the option "on."

To learn more about Access Codes, please click here.

11. You may also add a Subtitle and Background Image by clicking “Change Background” in the top right
    • Desktop Background: 1920x1080
    • Mobile Background: 1100x1440
12. When you’re finished, click “Publish” at the top of the page to finalize your work, then "Exit Editor"

13. Finally, to turn on your gate, use the "Enable Gate" toggle at the top right of the page or live channel where you set it up


Hint: To preview the gate, simply view the gated channel in a logged-out state. One easy way to do this is by opening the channel in a private/incognito browsing window.

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