Adding a Chat Moderator

Chat Moderators have access to remove a message, silence a user, and clear the chat as described here without having access to all site admin features. Only the admin can filter words and unsilence a user. 

To make someone a chat moderator, you must first be a site admin. 

  • In the admin bar under Manage click into the Admins tab
  • Search for the person (via name or email)
  • Click the pencil icon next to their name 
  • Select Chat Moderator
  • Select whether you’d like them to have moderator access to All Channels or just Specific Channels 
    • If you selected Specific Channels, select which channels you’d like your moderator to have access to. You can select more than one channel.
  • Click Save 
  • The user must log out and back in to see their updated account