How to Add a Chat Moderator

Learn how to add a chat moderator on Maestro.

Chat moderators have access to remove a message, silence a user, and clear the chat without having access to all of the site admin features.

Only site admins can make someone a chat moderator.

Here's how you can add chat moderators to your Maestro stream.

  1. Navigate to "Settings" > "Admins" in the Admin Navigation Bar 
  2. Search for the person who you'd like to make a moderator via name or email
  3. Click the edit icon next to their name
  4. Select "Chat Moderator"
  5. Select "All Channels" or "Specific Channels" to designate access (Note: If you selected "Specific Channels," select which channels you’d like your moderator to have access to. You can select more than one channel.)
  6. Click "Save"

The user must log out and then log back in to see their updated access.

Please note that only an admin can filter words and unsilence a user.