Broadcasting a Lower Third Overlay

Lower Thirds are graphic images that can have a call to action (CTA) baked in. These are best to use during pre-determined moments or general, non-stream specific moments. Click here to view an example on desktop and here to view on mobile. 


Customize/Broadcast a Lower Third:

Follow steps 1-4 here to get to you Overlays tab then continue with the following steps:

  • Upload an image for your lower third overlay. Click to see Recommended Sizing for Lower Thirds
  • Enter a name to save your overlay as in your library
  • Enter the duration of time you’d like your overlay to appear 
    • We recommend 30-60s
  • Select a Call To Action (CTA) 
    • see examples of your CTA options below
  • Toggle ‘All channels’ on if you want your raffle overlay to appear over all channel videos
  • Click Save to add this overlay to your library for easy access during events
    • If you don’t wish to save you overlay, click the broadcast button at the top of the modal to push your overlay live without saving
  • Click Library and then the broadcast button  to push your overlay live
    • The stats above your message cannot be seen by viewers
  • To makes changes to your saved Lower Third click the edit button


Average Engagement Rate of Lower Thirds: 20-25%


Follow the links below to view examples of CTA:

*Mobile overlay will open in a new page