How to Broadcast a Lower-Third Overlay

Learn how to broadcast a lower-third overlay on Maestro.

Lower-third overlays are static graphic overlays that occupy the bottom section of your video player. On Maestro, lower-third overlays can have a call to action (CTA) baked in.

These overlays are great to use for both pre-determined moments or general moments that are non-stream specific. The average engagement rate of lower-third overlays is 20-25%.

Example of a lower-third overlay on desktop

How to Customize and Broadcast a Lower-Third Overlay

  1. Select the channel where you'd like the overlay to appear from the admin navigation dropdown
    Click "Overlays" from the admin bar under "Channel"

  2. Click "Catalog" at the top of your overlays menu
  3. At the bottom of the list is the lower-third overlay. Select the plus (+) icon to create a new lower-third
  4. Upload an image for your lower-third overlay (Note: Check out our recommended sizing for lower-thirds for more guidance)
  5. Enter a name to save your overlay as in your library
  6. Enter the duration of time you’d like your overlay to appear (Note: We recommend 30-60 seconds)
  7. Select a Call To Action (CTA) 
  8. Toggle "All channels" to "On" if you want your lower-third overlay to appear across all live channels
  9. Click "Save" to add this overlay to your library for easy access during events (Note: If you don’t wish to save your overlay, click the broadcast button () at the top of the modal to push your overlay live without saving)
  10. Click "Library" and then the teal broadcast button to push your overlay live (Note: The stats above your message cannot be seen by viewers)
  11. To make changes to a saved lower-third overlay, click the edit button ()

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