Broadcasting a Poll or Trivia Overlay

Poll the audience, ask a trivia question, or have users make a prediction in real time with Poll and Trivia overlays. These overlays function similarly. Follow the directions below when broadcasting or creating a poll or trivia question. See examples for desktop here and mobile here.


Create/Broadcast a Poll or Trivia Overlay:

Follow steps 1-4 here to get to you Overlays tab then continue with the following steps:

  • Click the button to select a previously created question or to create a new one
  • Click the  button to select a poll/trivia question
    • Or click New Question in the top right of the modal to create a poll/trivia question
    • If creating a new question, enter a name for the question and type the questions below
    • Toggle ‘Show Numbers’ on if you want participants to see the number of votes cast for each option
      • If you are creating a Trivia question, enter the Correct Option from your list below
    • Enter answer options and images (optional)
      • You can have 2, 4, or 6 poll options and 2 or 4 trivia options. To add/remove options click ‘Add 2 Options’ or ‘Remove 2 Options’ below your last option shown
    • Once you’ve completed your poll options, click Save in the top right corner of the modal
    • Your new question will now be listed as an option. Click the sign to add it to your poll overlay or the edit button to make changes
  • You will be shown a preview of your poll if your channel is in TV mode
  • Enter the duration of time you’d like your poll to appear for. 
    • We recommend 30-60s. The default duration is 20s
  • Toggle ‘All channels’ on if you want your raffle overlay to appear over all channel videos
  • Click the broadcast button  to push your overlay live
    • The stats above your message cannot be seen by viewers

The average engagement rate for multiple choice questions is 30-50%.