How to Broadcast Poll Results

Learn how to broadcast poll results on Maestro.

Poll results display the results from a previous poll, prediction, or trivia. Viewers cannot engage with the results overlays. Check out our examples of a poll result overlay on desktop and an overlay on mobile

With that said, here is how you can broadcast poll results on your streams:

  1. Navigate to "Channels" and then the select the channel you'd like the overlay to appear on
  2. Click "Overlays" from the admin bar under "Channel Settings"
  3. Click "Catalog" at the top of you overlays menu
  4. Click the preview button next to the overlay to see an example of this overlay in your channel (it must be in TV mode to see previews): 
  5. Click the button to select which results you’d like to broadcast
  6. Click the  button to add it to the overlay. You’ll be shown a preview if your channel is in TV mode
  7. Enter the duration of time for your poll to appear (Note: The default and suggested duration is 20 seconds)
  8. Toggle "All channels" to on if you want your raffle overlay to appear over all channel videos
  9. Click the broadcast button image-png-Feb-09-2022-09-10-31-14-PM to push your overlay live
Please note that the stats above your message cannot be seen by viewers.