How to Create a Page

Learn how to create a Page on your Maestro site.

Maestro's pages are a great way to organize on demand videos, informational or marketing content, and your live channels in one location, making the end user's browsing experience beautiful and seamless. You can create a page on Maestro in just a few quick clicks. 

Here's how you can create a landing page on Maestro

  1. At the top of your Maestro site, click the Admin Navigation drop down.

  2. Click the "CREATE PAGE" button.

  3. You new page will open with the settings modal expanded. Go through the settings to name your page, create a slug, add a thumbnail, and add any localization strings (if needed.) 
  4. Click "Save," then "Publish"

To learn how to edit your landing page and explore the various blocks you can add, check out our dedicated guide.